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who we are

Who we are?

Saroco Sentino started as a small neighborhood association with one primary purpose – fixing water damaged properties of our neighbors. Today, we are one of the leading companies in our business, and we are always there to help you restore your property after any disaster or unfortunate events.

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Our Services

Water Damage – Restoration and Repair Services

Our professional and dedicated team will be there to provide you with restoration and repair services for any kind of water damage. If your home was ruined in any form of the catastrophe such as hurricane or tornado, or you have a simple water leakage, we are here to fix it 24/7.

Inspection and Assessment Services

Before we start repairing and restoring your property, we will send our Inspection & Assessment team to check for the source of water and stop it before we start taking further steps. The inspection team will inspect all the premises and evaluate the damage. The complete safety inspection is also a part of our services.

Cleaning Services

After the Restoration services are done, and everything is back in its place, our company will provide you with the highest quality cleaning services. Our cleaning services include dry and wet cleaning, foam, abrasive and immersion cleaning as well as odor removal and sanitizing treatments. Your house will shine.