About Us

If you think Water Damage is a big deal, you haven’t met us.

Saroco Sentino – Property Restoration Company is more than just ordinary restoration firm, we are your friends, always there to save you in the hardest of times. Water Damages are unpredictable and surprising events in our everyday lives, they can happen to anyone at any time, that’s why our team is always ready to help. Our dedicated and experienced employees are always on duty without exception. Sacrifices they take are enormous, and they sometimes affect their personal lives, this is why we can proudly say that we are your friends and family in times of need. Our small but professional team will not only restore your property to the previous condition but improve its state to prevent future water disasters. Our company will take care of any damage, whether storm inflicted it, leaking appliances, tornadoes, hurricanes, sewage back-ups or even overflowing toilets. Also, if you have any firefighting problems and flooding problem after that, we will take care of it in no time.