How to Keep the Water Damage Under Control ?

Water damage can happen anytime and anywhere if you’ve been in this situation you probably know it. But, if you didn’t here is something you can do to prevent water damage from getting worse.

What to do to keep the damage under control?

When the accident like this happens, the best thing you can do is to stay calm and reasonable. Instead of panicking, use your phone and call for professional help, if the damage is small take precautions, wear protective clothing and inspect your rooms. Here are some facts you should know about insurances and tips on keeping the damage in the same condition until the help arrives.

1. Flood and Water Damage are two entirely different things.

Even though you could think there is no difference between the two, the reality is completely different. However, the biggest difference between them concerns different insurance policies. Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t include flood damage so be sure to specify the type of damage when filing a claim. Individual insurances concerning natural disasters will, however, cover flood damage.


2. Your insurance doesn’t cover all water damages.

We already mentioned homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flood damages. However, not even all other water damages are covered by it. Of course, sudden damages are often covered by the insurance. But if the damage is caused by your own hand,  for instance not maintaining the appliances and property correctly, chances are you probably won’t be compensated for the damage.

3. The clock is ticking.

The clock is tickingWhen the accidents like this happen, you need to realize that there is no time left to spend. You need to act promptly and reasonably. If you cannot evaluate and stop the damage yourself, immediately call for the help and start cleaning the mess. If the damage isn’t treated quickly, there is a chance that it will get worse, and if you don’t address it in the first 24 to 48 hours, the appearance of the mold will be unavoidable. And if you think it’s not such a big deal, you are substantially wrong – mold can significantly affect your long term health.